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India Firmly Denies UN Accusations on Manipur: Peace Reigns in Northeast State

In a resolute stance, India has dismissed UN experts’ remarks on Manipur as “unwarranted, presumptive, and misleading,” emphasizing that the situation in the Northeastern state remains peaceful and stable. The Indian government reaffirmed its commitment to preserving peace, stability, and human rights for all its citizens, including those in Manipur.

In a note verbale issued to the Special Procedures Branch of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, India expressed its strong rejection of the UN experts’ news release, titled ‘India: UN experts alarmed by continuing abuses in Manipur.’ The Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations Office in Geneva criticized the release for a lack of understanding of the ground reality in Manipur and the measures taken by the Indian government to address the situation.

UN experts had raised concerns about alleged human rights violations in Manipur, including sexual violence, extrajudicial killings, forced displacement, torture, and ill-treatment. However, India disputed these allegations, asserting its commitment to the rule of law and safeguarding human rights.

India expressed disappointment that the UN experts released the report without waiting for the Indian government’s response within the 60-day period stipulated for joint communication. The Indian mission hoped for a more objective approach from the Special Procedure Mandate Holders in the future, calling for adherence to established procedures and soliciting input from the Government of India before issuing statements.

India reiterated its commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and the protection of human rights. It stressed that its law enforcement and security forces operate in accordance with principles of legal certainty, necessity, proportionality, and non-discrimination.

In the UN experts’ news release, they expressed concern about gender-based violence, particularly against women and girls of the Kuki ethnic minority, including allegations of gang rape, public humiliation, severe beatings, and burnings.

The experts also highlighted the inadequate humanitarian response in the wake of the humanitarian crisis in Manipur, which arose from community conflicts between the Meitei and Kuki ethnic communities in May 2023.

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